Analytics and Monitoring for Blockchain

Monitoring, Data Enrichment, Alerting and Visualisations provides essential Business Intelligence products and services for Enterprise Blockchains.

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Evidential’s products allow fast development of new BlockChain applications and eco-systems while ensuring the “boring stuff” is taken care of. They provide the layer of maturity that ticks the boxes for any due diligence or software audit excerise that may be required when bringing leading edge technology to market.

We provide analytics that give you deep insights into the activity on your blockchain, keeping you informed of activity and allowing you to take action on anomalous transactions.

Data enrichment lets you associate data from your enterprise databases or other sources with blockchain entities providing an enhanced view of your transactions.

Visualisations and Dashboards allow a “single glance” view. Dashboards are fully configurable to your requirements.

Notifications provide you with alerts when configured events occur.

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Take control of your private Blockchain


Evidential's Blockchain Analytics provide customisable dashboards showing both pre-defined metrics and Machine Learning based insights into your private chain.


Our data enrichment module allows you to connect information from many sources to blockchain transactions.


Business Intelligence is a critical part of any company’s reporting and insights function. Evidential provides this functionality for your private BlockChain.


Configure alerts to notify you of events on your blockchain by email or slack.

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Tony Ennis

Tony has over 25 years' experience in technology and business. He has started, grown and sold numerous businesses.

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Peter has over 35 years' experience in technology. He has ranged from coding to design, architechture and management.

Senior Developer

Our senior developer has 30+ years of deep technical experience including cryptography, banking and telcos.


We have a strong team of financial and technology advisors with outstanding ability and experience.

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